About Us

 Fashion is a passing thing, a thing of fancy, fantasy and feeling. 

Elegance is innate.

Diana Vreeland, Allure, 1980

Inspired by Diana Vreeland, one of the most iconic fashion personalities of the 20th century, Sinnesleben Magazin is devoted to the development of an authentic style, the encouragement of natural beauty care, the joy of high-end fashion design, and the search for life-enhancing cultural topics.

As Diana Vreeland clearly stated, fashion articulates our emotions, fantasies, and feelings; it reveals the spirit of our times, but totally loses its appeal, if it does not serve us to express our singularity at its best. And this expression is closely related to the innate elegance Mrs. Vreeland was talking about. Expression has thus much to do with intuition, feelings, senses, and the fulfilled self-awareness of the woman who enjoys being the best version of herself: internally and externally.

Sinnesleben, a word composed by the German terms Sinnes (senses) and Leben (life) names this publication and embodies for us the idea of self-expression, intuition, and genuineness. By exploring the beauty of colors, forms, scents, and arts, we inspire our readers to unveil their most precious natural attributes. Searching for authenticity and serving us from the creativity this world has to offer, is the best way to develop an individual sense of style.

We invite you to discover your color and figure types, the fragrance notes that suit best to your personality, the particular beauty hidden in art and literature, the style that appeals best to your deepest aspirations, and much, much more. Our purpose: to bring the trends in fashion and beauty devotedly to your service, and to offer you cultural topics able to nurture your dreams forever!

Feel free to share your thoughts with us here or in the comment fields of our posts. Any kind of contribution to the world of ideas of Sinnesleben Magazin is welcomed!


Sofia Bartra de Loayza, the author.

About Me

Born and raised in Lima, the amazing coastal capital of Peru, I spent the last twenty years of my life in countries like Switzerland, France, and Germany, studying and working in diverse areas, from Art & Culture, Travel, and Public Relations to Luxury Goods, and European History. Today, I research and write for you from the vibrant city of Frankfurt am Main.

Foto: Createria on Unsplash.