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Several years ago, I had an interesting experience that got me to launch this little online magazine. I found myself in Dusseldorf with my friend Maja, who walked quite gracefully and lightly on the Rhine promenade. Suddenly we heard a ruthless breath behind us: Someone unknown, a young woman, sweaty and exhausted, approached us. She seemed to have run a long way and gave the impression that she wanted to tell us something important. Quiet surprised, we turned to her and heard what she had to say:

Where did you get the ballerinas from? Where did you buy it? Which brand are you? I have to have them!”


The questions were directed to Maja, and as soon as she had answered them, the stranger thanked her and quickly ran back to other side of the boardwalk, several hundred yards away, where someone was impatiently waiting for her. We laughed at all her excitement, at her effort to run so long to inquire about a simple pair of shoes.

However, I understood the hot desire behind it: She fell in love with the ballerinas. These actually looked stunning. Dressed entirely in black velvet, rounded off at the top and provided with an ankle strap, they looked eerily classic and feminine on Majas delicate feet. No wonder the stranger regarded her as an absolute must-have. That was just love at first sight.

Still, I could not help thinking about the good, old, annoying question that always comes up when someone absolutely must have the same dress, makeup, interior design, complete look of either a friend, or a well-known personality: Will she look as good as the one she wants to imitate? Will it actually work just as well with her? In most cases, especially when it comes to fashion, beauty or style, the answer is unfortunately negative …


On the Good Sense of Being the Best Version of Yourself


Quite often we automatically feel the impulse to want to have exactly what we admire. You could even say that imitation is the best compliment, but that does not bring us much. Besides, there is a detail that we as often forget: Clothes, makeup and even furnishings look beautiful and unique not actually out of themselves, but because they are brought to life by the individual body and mind of the personality that wears them, shapes them or surrounds herself with.

A sentence that is attributed to Judy Garland serves as inspiration in this regard:

Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”


By striving to be the best version of ourselves, we actually get to know ourselves better and at the same time avoid becoming a second version of someone else without even noticing it. Of course, we can admire beauty, craftsmanship, and good taste. But if we take everything that thrills us just as an inspiration and not as a fervently loved must have, we have the greatest chance of creating our own unique sense of style.

Sinnesleben Magazin inspires and provides inspiration. We discover colors, shapes and styles. We find out which color types, fragrance universes, style worlds are out there and bring them closer to you. We tell you what we hear and could be useful for the development of your own taste: What culinary is eaten where, how and why; who became an icon, when and for which reason; which aesthetics are influential and help us further; what is being worn, why and especially which silhouette would have it best …

We do not follow trends like the young unknown woman in our story, but we want to know the trends that arise and want to be served by them. We take our readers by the hand and discover with them all the alternatives that are most useful to the creation their very own style. Are you in?