Sinnesleben, the Journal of Timeless Style, is inspired by the fusion of fancy and authenticity. Photo: Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

 „Fashion is a passing thing, a thing of fancy, fantasy and feeling. 

Elegance is innate.“

Diana Vreeland, Allure, 1980

Diana Vreeland, one of the most influential fashion personalities of the 20th century and a woman with a very distinctive sense of style, expressed in a couple of words the core idea our inspiration: We love fancy, fantasy and the refreshing creativity of our times, but we particularly love to discover and develop our very unique, innate style. First and foremost, we blend the idea of fanciness with the idea of authenticity by letting our senses and feelings take the lead role.

Our name, a German word composition of the word Sinnes (=Senses) and Leben (=Life) expresses concisely this conception: We explore the inspiring beauty in our world, the beauty of scents, colors, forms and fantasy with our senses, until we discover what brings our innate attributes to life best. In this way, we melt the temporary nature of fashion with the permanent character of personality, and inspire our readers to develop a very unique sense of style.

You are invited to discover in our articles which color type you are, what figure type you have, which fragrance notes awake certain facets of your personality, how you wear black, red, or blue, how to embody a favorite style best, how to see beauty in photography, how to feel a city, how to enjoy natural beauty care and much more. These topics, as well as the products introduced in each post, are carefully chosen to properly advise you in the discovery of your very own style.

In the spirit of Mrs. Vreeland, I wish you to enjoy the process of unveiling and giving grace to the best sides of your personality with charm and fantasy. And if you have any contribution to our contents, fell free to contact us. I will be always happy to hear your feedback!

Sincerely yours,

Sofia Bartra de Loayza, the author.