Homemade Beauty: 6 Last Minute Beauty Rituals for Natural Cosmetics Fans!

Skin, eye and hair care products can be easily self-made at home: We learn this often from mums, aunts, grannies and other women in the family. And when time is short, we find the smartest solutions in organic cosmetic brands.

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Many, many years ago, we used to have young aunty Tessa visiting, when she happened to be in our city for work. One evening, rushing home from the office, she declared herself in urgent need: After a very exhausting working day, she had only an hour to look fresh for a business date… and she literally “nothing at hand” for such a miracle. With “nothing” she meant having left her most efficient skin mask at her home and no chance to get it from anywhere. As resolute as she always was, she found a quick solution in the most improbable place in the house: The kitchen.

Ritual Nr. 1: Aunt Tessa’s Self-made Skin Mask, or Better Freshly Mixed?

The kitchen was aunty Tessa’s last bastion when she had an urgent skin care problem. With the simplest means, she used her most resourceful capabilities to prepare, in a matter of minutes, a whole skin care treatment that really worked. First of all, the most important thing: A facial steam bath. She poured hot water into a large vessel with some camomile flowers, held her face over it and covered herself with a fluffy towel for five minutes.

Directly after, she managed to make a peeling. For that, she pressed a piece of lemon and mixed the juice with brown sugar. She rubbed her face with this paste for a second and rinsed it out with warm water.

After that, the decisive moment: Her personal skin mask made of cold milk and flour, rich and sticky, with cleaning and refreshing proprieties. She covered her face with it and kept quiet for fifteen minutes, before rinsing it with warm and ice cold water. In less than half an hour she was ready to leave: As fair and pretty as a fresh rose!

Ritual Nr. 2: Mummy’s Bright Eyes From the Tea and Reading Hour

Mother was a master in the dubious art of looking deeply asleep while being wide awake. In the afternoons, she used to sit with a cup of Darjeeling tea and a good book in the living room and interrupted her reading routine only to lean her head slightly backwards, closing her eyes for some minutes. This was the exact moment, in which we thought, she was asleep and tried to take the book of her hands. Of course, she rapidly protested, explaining us, that she was “not sleeping, but making her eye care beauty ritual”.

One day, we understood that the black tea was a part of this ritual as well. Mother’s eyes are still remarkably bright and lively today, namely without the use of expensive eye creams or make-up tricks. Her secret may be revealed: Every day, she used her reading hour to carry out an extremely effective eye beauty ritual. She looked “black”, and for that, she twinkled intensively as much as possible until she saw clean deep black in front of her eyes. Directly after, she allowed them a most relaxing treatment: She soaked two little cotton bales in a warm cup of Darjeeling tea and covered her eyes with them for some minutes. Then, she twinkled a couple of times more, very fast, and continued her reading until supper. No wonder that she received us as every day at home with a fresh and radiant gaze!

Ritual Nr. 3: The Hair, the Family Pride… Fresh From the Kitchen?

Mum’s and aunt Tessa creativity in beauty matters, were inherited of course from their mother Louise. She was the family’s hair beauty expert number one! Granny Louise had the talent to identify in a second, if her daughters were applying her hair care secrets. If she was not satisfied with what she saw, she directly said, loud and clear: “I actually do not like your hair at all!” or, “Is your olive oil at home all gone?!” There you have her secret potion.

Olive oil was for granny Louise the non plus ultra of all the natural ingredients in the world for hair care and beauty. Time, on the contrary, was not a relevant factor for her at all, when it came to beauty rituals. If the lack of time was an argument for not having the hair perfectly fresh, she immediately replied: “If you have the time for a shower, you have the same time for your hair care”. And then she revealed her most kept family secret: “Before you go under the shower, knead your hair with a couple of spoons of olive oil and comb it in until the tops. At the end of your shower, rinse the oil out with warm water and shampoo… for extra brightness, make a final wash with cold water and some lemon juice”. And then she showed off the results of her personal hair care ritual: Glossy and full until today.

Ritual Nr. 4: Dr. Hauschka’s Clarifying Natural Skin Care System

Ladies who struggle with a greasy or impure skin can be quickly helped to enhance their complexion with the Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Skin Care System based on natural ingredients. The program can be set together with the following six products: The cleansing wash cream, the clarifying steam bath, the clarifying clay mask, the clarifying toner, the soothing mask, and the Melissa day cream. The steam bath releases its pore cleaning properties in contact with hot water, takes ten minutes and prepares the skin for the treatment with the clay mask. After five to ten minutes, the clay mask can be rinsed out completely with the skin tonic. At the end, the revitalizing mask brings the radiant finish within ten minutes, before the Melissa day cream rounds up the treatment.

Ritual Nr. 5: Organic Freshness for the Eyes, quick and easy!

Our eyes can say more than thousand words and can let us appear bored or uninterested, even when we are “only” tired. If we want to avoid this negative impression, we can recover the freshness of our sight in a matter of minutes with gels or pads made of organic ingredients.

The Pads Solution:

The Anti-Wrinkle-Eye Pads from Charlotte Meentzen are vegan and promise an immediate cooling and sleeking effect, achieving their best results with a use of twice or three times a week. For an invigorating effect, Dr. Hauschka offers its anti-allergic Eye Revive refreshing compresses to sooth tired eyes, made of black tee, fennel and chamomile, which are ideal for sensitive eyes. 

The Gel Solution:

Gels have the advantage to help in a matter of seconds, specially in their roll-on presentations. The Primavera Cooling Eye Roll-On Neroli Cassis with euphrasy, mate, liquorice and aloe vera extracts promises for instance to diminish rapidly dark circles and eyelid swelling with special moisturizing effects. The Bio Acai Eye Cream Gel from Bio:Vegane Skinfood, containing bio acai and hyaluronic acid, is the best choice for combination skin types.

Ritual Nr. 6: Naturally Simple Oil Hair Masks!

The good old olive oil secret for beautiful hair can be also replaced by other organic oils in their purest version. The finest cacay oil, found in the Acaraa Natural Hair Oil is for instance a good solution for the care of damaged hair and can be used all balsam or leave-in oil. Jojoba oil for hair care, a timeless classic, is also used in the natural cosmetic world and perfectly found in the Logona Bio-Repair Hair Treatment: Best used before shampooing. 

And what about you? Do you also have a family beauty secret you would like to share with us?

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