Smooth, Refreshing, Clean: 24 Top Quality Body Scrubs for All Skin Types

After a long winter, we can finally prepare our skin for the warmer months of the year: With the most efficient body scrubs we can ever find! Here you get an overview of good alternatives for a long lasting fresh skin feel.

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Finally, our days are becoming warmer, sunnier, brighter. We cannot wait any longer to start wearing lighter, airier fashion pieces as soon as possible. However, after a long winter, we often have the feeling that our skin looks drier and duller than usual. We may have even developed unaesthetic dandruff in arms and legs, that will not just simply disappear. In this case, we will need a decent treatment with immediate results, more exactly: A proper body scrub! We are talking about a product that not only efficiently exfoliates our skin, but also provides sufficient moisture to prevent new dehydration. A good body scrub frees our skin from all possible dry spots, and prepares it for deeper care with oils, creams and lotions.

Below, you will find a selection of top quality body scrubs based on natural extracts, suitable for all skin types. Maybe you will find yours among them?

Origins: Fresh with Brown Sugar, Dead Sea Salt and Stimulant Essences

Origins attracted our attention with a great variety of deep cleaning body scrubs based on natural extracts, that could not be more different from each other: While the Origins Ginger Body Scrub Smoothing Body Buffer melds the healing properties of the Dead Sea salt, ginger and the luscious richness of macadamia and almond oil, the Origins Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub offers a soothing combination based on ginger and brown sugar that cleans with a creamy foamy formula. Brown sugar and dead sea salt are as well the basic ingredients of the Origins Incredible Spreadable Smoothing Salt Body Scrub, which has a revitalizing effect thanks to its mint and orange essences. The ones who wish a deeper pore cleaning action, will find a good alternative in the Origins Clear Improvement Detoxifying Charcoal Body Scrub, thanks to the healing power of charcoal in its composition. At last, and for the speedy ones among us, the Origins Shower Off Exfoliating Body Wash With Hawaiian Mineral Water, offers the best chance for an instantly cooling shower experience!

Kiehl’s: Pleasant Moisture with Lavender, Coriander and Grapefruit

With a creamy, moisturizing texture, the Kiehl’s Gently Exfoliating Body Scrubs promise to remove dandruff and flakes, without drying out the skin. Responsible for this effect are the apricot seed particles, aloe vera and chamomile of its composition, since they clean and soften the skin with an added soothing property. Ideal for all skin types, Kiehl’s offers its body scrubs in three fragrances: Lavender for soft relaxation, Coriander for a spicy touch and Grapefruit for high spirits!

The Kiehl’s Exfoliating Body Scrubs in the fragrances Lavender, Coriander and Grapefruit.

I Want You Naked: Fine Salts and Nurturing Oils

With an unmistakable, suggestive brand name, I Want You Naked comes directly to the point: Leap into the shower! The body scrubs of this brand combine the deep cleaning properties of sea and bitter salts with the nurturing power of rich oils. The two versions provided for selection offer a soothing effect and totally different wellness experiences: While the I Want You Naked Körperpeeling Zitronengras & Aloe Vera acts revitalizing, with jojoba oil, green clay, aloe vera, and a refreshing lemongrass fragrance, the I Want You Naked Körperpeeling Rose & Johanniskrautöl, is ideal for sensitive skin, due to its harmonizing soothing properties based on apricot seed oil, St. Johns wort extracts, and the fragrance of roses.

minus417: The Healing Power of the Dead Sea

The minus417 numerous body scrubs offer a composition rich of vitamins and anti-oxidative properties for various needs. Their common denominator: Dead Sea minerals, applied either in salt or mud form, with a deep cleansing, nurturing effect. The ones who wish a natural peeling and firm contours will prefer for instance the minus417 Mud Phyto Firming Mud. Dead sea mud is known for its detoxifying, regenerativ and anti-inflammatory effects. The ones who are more concerned with their skin texture will find their favorites in the line minus417 Catharsis und Dead Sea Therapy, with its microscopic Dead Sea salt grains, in four pampering fragrances: Aromatic Kiwi & Mango, Aromatic Milk & Honey, Aromatic Lavender and Aromatic Ocean.

In the center: The minus417 Mud Phyto Firming Mud. In clockwise direction: The minus417 Catharsis and Dead Sea Therapy body scrubs in the varieties Aromatic Kiwi & Mango, Aromatic Ocean, Aromatic Lavender and Aromatic Milk & Honey.

Treets: Ancestral with Salt, Sugar and Regional Oils

With five body scrubs based on regional plant extracts, Treets brings to our home ancestral beauty rituals from different regions of the world. The regional oils are combined with the exfoliant properties of salt and sugar in a very natural way: While the Treets Energising Secrets Body Sugar Scrub is enriched with the voluptuous tamanu and sacha inchi oil of the South American highlands, the Treets Revitalising Ceremonies Body Salt Scrub offers the invigorating properties of Northern European volcanic minerals and eucalyptus oil. A feeling of Alpine freshness can be easily experienced with the Treets Healing in Harmony Body Salt Scrub, based on rosemary and grape seed oil, which again has a totally different impact than the Asian harmony found in the Treets Relaxing Chakra’s Body Sugar Scrub, with rose and coconut oil extracts. Africa is represented as well in the Treets Nourishing Spirits Sheabutter Scrub, with the nourishing warmth of shea butter and baobab oil.

Greenland: Oceanic, Salty, Fruity

With the line Fruit Emotions, Greenland offers a variety of body scrubs made of coarse-gained Atlantic sea salt. The deep cleansing properties of the salt grains are so intensively meld with the widest combinations of fruit extracts, that each time a new wellness experience can be enjoyed: The Greenland Fruit Emotions Coconut-Tangerine Scrub Salt offers for instance a stimulating tropical fragrance. For a warm, lively sensation the Greenland Fruit Emotions Grapefruit-Ginger Scrub Salt is perfectly invigorating. A touch of sweetness can be perceived in the soft scent of the Strawberry-Anise Scrub Salt, while the Lime-Vanilla Scrub Salt is pleasantly citric. The Papaya-Lemon Scrub Salt offers another fresh and fruity tropical experience, while the Dragon Fruit-White Tea Scrub Salt inspires our senses with a lighter scent. What an amazing choice!

And what about you? Do you already know some delicious body scrubs that you would gladly recommend? Share them with us!

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