10 Stylish Fashion Looks in Rust and Russet Shades: Wear the Colors of the Season With a Very Exclusive Touch

The warm shades of red earth inspire two lively fashion colors that bright our days with the peppy charm of sunny landscapes: Rust and Russet Orange. Here you find the most stylish looks in these marvelous mineral hues!

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Rust and russet orange are two of this saison’s fashion colors that guarantee a special effect: The feeling of natural warmth. Without being as resplendent as the richest reds, these shades irradiate a nonchalant charm and can easily become a happy eye-catcher. Both fashion colors distinguish themselves through their soft, friendly aura and show off their best sides in flowing, airy looks.

While the color rust owns a romantic nature, that makes it ideal for fashion looks with a nostalgic vintage flair, russet orange is truly vibrant and charismatic. This rich orange shade -with a soft brownish touch- is the perfect color for high-spirited personalities, who at times enjoy being the center of attention. Rust and russet orange can appear both glamorous and casual and can be easily matched together, as well.

Below, your will find 10 selected high-end fashion looks in rust and russet orange, each with a very own, elegant style.

The Elegant Boho Look

You can find the boho fashion look in its luxurious version in the Etros Maxi dress. Happily colorful, with mostly warm, russet orange and and rust prints, this exquisite fashion piece of soft silk can be best contrasted with black suede accessories like the Zoe Pumps by Yves Saint Laurent and the casual Kriss leather bag by See by Chloé.



Shop the Look: Silk dress by Etro, approx. € 2,790


Shop the Look: Suede pumps Zoe by Yves Saint Laurent, approx. € 525


Shop the Look: Kriss leather bag by See by Chloé, approx. € 385

The Romantic Western Look

If you wish to enrich your romantic style with a slightly breeze of wild west feeling, you can opt for an airy silk dress with paisley prints. In the fashion color rust and embellished with quillings, this silk dress by Etro shows a truly nostalgic side. With a refined vintage touch, this fashion look is complete with the matching suede ankle boots by Givenchy and the Stella Star bag by Stella McCartney.



Shop the Look: Silk dress by Etro, approx. € 1,400


Shop the Look: Ankle boots by Givenchy, approx. € 895


Shop the Look: Stella Star bag by Stella McCartney, approx. € 790

Exotic and Sophisticated

If you are a lady with a special preference for oriental luxury, you will never resist the temptation to wear a decent kaftan. Here again, you can get seduced by this silk kaftan by Etro, that skillfully contrasts the colors rust and russet orange against a grey and black background. Rendering homage to the refinement of this piece, you can create a unique fashion look with soft light grey accessories like the subtle suede leather pumps by Prada and the knot satin clutch by Bottega Veneta.



Shop the Look: Silk Kaftan by Etro, approx. € 1,150


Shop the Look: Suede leather pumps by Prada, approx. € 530


Shop the Look: Satin clutch by Bottega Veneta, approx. € 1,750

Refined with Color-blocking 

The minimalist fashion look captivates with simple, clear lines and shapes. Combined with the power of color-blocking, the minimalist style acquires a more energetic expression. The jersey dress Mya by Tory Burch shows us easily how this happens. On the basis of a creamy white, a deep blue block is cut by a golden yellow edge, that leads us to the protagonist of the season: A rich russet orange. You can give this look an elegant touch with the golden leather top ballerinas by Gianvito Rossi and Stella Star bag by Stella McCartney in delicate cream and gold shades.



Shop the Look: Jersey dress Mya by Tory Burch, approx. € 375


Shop the Look: Plexi leather ballerinas by Gianvito Rossi, approx. € 495


Shop the Look: Stella Star bag by Stella McCartney, approx. € 990

Casual in Patchwork

There is nothing more ideal for a casual vintage look, than a tasteful patchwork fashion piece. Likewise combined with deep blue and golden yellow, Tory Burch presents us here the silk shirt dress Bianca in russet orange with ingenious geometric prints. We complete this nonchalant fashion look with comfortable accessories in neutral hues like the Rockstud patent leather ballerinas by Valentino Garavani and the Leather bag Nile by Chloé.



Shop the Look: Silk shirt dress Bianca by Tory Burch, approx. € 710


Shop the Look: Rockstud patent leather ballerinas by Valentino Garavani, approx. € 520


Shop the Look: Nile leather bag by Chloé, approx. € 1,550

Classy Femininity with Polka Dots

Polka Dots are always a good choice for good vibes, being playful and exquisitely feminine, as well. If you wear a polka dots piece tightly fitted, it will give you that interesting, flirtatious allure that flatters womanly contours. With large, white polka dots on a deep russet orange background, the silk wrap dress Tilly by Diane von Furstenberg offers a refined piece with this effect. Matching accessoires like the white plexi leather pumps Gianvito Rossi and the unmistakable Queen and King Clutch von Alexander McQueen add more refinement to this ladylike fashion look.



Shop the Look: Silk wrap dress Tilly by Diane von Furstenberg, approx. € 500


Shop the Look: Plexi leather pumps by Gianvito Rossi, approx. € 590


Shop the Look: Queen and King clutch by Alexander McQueen, approx. € 2.390

Lustrous Warmth with a Strong Orange Hue

The warm trendy colors rust and russet orange, in their most intensive versions, are perfect for decidedly glossy fashion looks that catch eyes and attract proximity. The rich russet orange hue of this satin dress by Jonathan Simkhai illustrates brilliantly such an impact and is a must-have for ladies keen on powerful statements. For cooling up this flaming look a little, you can choose navy blue accessories like the suede leather pumps von Jimmy Choo and the velvet bag Dyonisius by Gucci.



Shop the Look: Satin dress by Jonathan Simkhai, approx. € 871


Shop the Look: Suede leather pumps Romy by Jimmy Choo, approx. € 490


Shop the Look: Velvet bag Dyonisius by Gucci, approx. € 1.975

Smooth and Casual

A monochromatic dress in orange has a totally different effect in wool and cotton than in satin. Still exuding warmth and liveliness, in these materials it gains rather a more casual glamour, specially if combined with accessories bringing in rust, copper or chestnut hues. The wool-blend dass Sabah von Jacquemus shows off this gentle, friendly effect. The metallic copper leather ballerinas by Aquazzura and the chestnut leather bag GV by Givenchy, make this fashion look perfect for a relaxed -and stylish- walk in the city.



Shop the Look: Wool-blend dress Sabah by Jacquemus, approx. € 555


Shop the Look: Leather ballerinas by Aquazzura, approx. € 495


Shop the Look: Leather bag GV by Givenchy, approx. € 1.685

Light and Bloomy 

In its liveliest versions, a bright russet orange can create a truly sensorial experience. This happy hue just brings the sun closer and feels like a warm summer breeze at any time. So, if you wish to brighten your day in a minute, this is the color of your choice! Contrasted with white nature prints, it shows off a very airy and gentle joy, which can be easily appreciated in the silk dress by Diane von Furstenberg. We give this airy fashion look a slightly shiny touch with the glitter pumps and the clutch Emmie by Jimmy Choo.



Shop the Look: Silk dress by Diane von Furstenberg, approx. € 640


Shop the Look: Pumps by Jimmy Choo, approx. 520


Shop the Look: Clutch Emmie by Jimmy Choo, approx. 525

Dramatic and Romantic

Russet orange flower prints are perfect for romantic fashion looks with some dramatic depth. Contrasted against a velvety black, this hue gets a thrilling effect. The silk dress Marion by Veronica Beard is a good example of the magnetic power of this combination. If we opt for the stable black leather ankle boots by Marni and the small leather bag Nile Minaudière by Chloé in a rich caramel shade, we create with this attractive fashion look the ideal attire for an unforgettable first date!



Shop the Look: Silk dress Marion by Veronica Beard, approx. € 490


Shop the Look: Ankle boots by Marni, approx. € 750


Shop the Look: Leather bag Nile Minaudière by Chloé, approx. € 1.185

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