Sunny Flair: The 6 Best Fashion Looks for the Golden Blonde Color Type

A golden blonde color type depicts the same luminosity of clear honey: She seems to steal the light of the sun with a slightly peachy complexion and intense warm blond hair shades.

If you belong to this type, your brown, green or blue eyes will give you a colorful touch, enhancing your quickly suntanned skin tone. The warm blonde is the “little sunshine” among the warm color types. Your hair, with golden or honey reflections, will be the eye-catcher of your radiant appearance, which can be both gentle and impetuous at the same time.


What Makes Your Type Special

Think of the honest, golden brightness of honeycombs in the country. They look generous, healthy, cheery, shiny… with a powerful golden character. They combine at best a very natural quality with an intense luminosity: Both attributes that can be applied to well-kept warm blond type, as well.

The Color Universes that Should Inspire You

In fashion and beauty, you can get the best results if you make your choices with imagination. A luminous warm blonde will find her inspiration in the most radiant source of light that nature can provide: The sun. A striking sunset over the sea will reveal you the broad range of colors you can wear to make the best of your type: Red, orange, pink-magenta, gold and all striking shades of red-blues.

birds flying over body of water during golden hour
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You can use your “sunny colors” soberly or in their brighter versions, and you can match them with contrasting shades. You can therefore wear them in their brightest versions, opt for their softer shades, or choose their cooler complementary tones.


The 6 Best Fashion Looks for the Warm Blonde Color Type

Fashion Look # 1: Ravishing with Soft Umbra, Gold and Gold Brown

In the summer, you can play with the natural golden shades of your quickly appearing suntan. All possible warm gold-brownish shades like amber, khaki or bronze will be perfect for you. Wear them tone-on-tone for a sober look, or contrast them with black or cream for a more magnetic effect.

Rich Blackgold

Goldblonde - Look 1

Dress by Saint Laurent, Bag by Rochas, Pumps by Aquazzura

Soft Umbra

Goldblonde - Look 2
Dress by See by Chloé, Bag by Anya Hindmarch, Sandals by Tod’s

Fashion Look # 2: Magnetic with Bright Coral Red, Copper and Mustard

For a more intense summery brightness, as a warm blonde you should opt for coral red, copper, or yellow brown as well as for mustard tones. They will look on you very lively, since they display their most beautiful reflexes on your suntanned skin. Take them in their monochromatic versions for a striking look or combine them with black for a more sophisticated touch.

Luminous Coral Red


Dress by Peter Pilotto, Clutch by Bottega Veneta, Pumps by Jimmy Choo

Refined Mustard Yellow


Dress by Alexander McQueen, Bag by Gucci, Pumps by Prada

Fashion Look # 3: Your Ideal Pinks

In autumn and winter, when your complexion is rather slightly golden than tanned, brownish, rosewood and candy pinks as well as soft bronze tones will be your best choice if you are keen of tender looks. Combine them with mud or rose tones for a soft effect or with metallic shades for a livelier look.

Powdery Rosewood


Dress by Valentino, Bag by Gucci, Pumps by Gianvito Rossi

Satin Pink

Goldblonde - Look 6

Dress by Alexachung, Bag by Jimmy Choo, Pumps by Gianvito Rossi

Fashion Look # 4: Impressive with Orange Red

In summer or in winter, spring or autumn: Tomato red and orange brown tones, very intense, or closer to terracotta will be always the most suitable choice, if you want to impress with an eye-catching look. With accessories in golden or silver you will get the best out of these looks.

Bright Orange and Gold

Dress by Rebecca Vallance, Pumps by Gianvito Rossi, Bag by Proenza Schouler

Intensive Tomato Red

Dress by Diane von Furstenberg, Bag by Proenza Schouler, Pumps by Jimmy Choo

Fashion Look # 5: Deep Blue and Onyx Black

If you are a rather quiet and reserved person, you will appreciate the subtle elegance of deeper, cooler colors. As a warm blonde, you should never miss cornflower blue, navy blue and black in your wardrobe. These tones will be your absolute classics. For a surprising effect, you can add a touch of bright red, pink or silver to your classic blues and blacks.

Refined Blue

Goldblonde Look 8
Dress by Altuzarra, Bag by Gucci, Sandals by No. 21

Glamour in Black

Goldblonde-Look-9.pngDress by Saint Laurent, Clutch by Jimmy Choo, Pumps by Saint Laurent

Fashion Look # 6: Subtle Green, Silver and Gray Hues

Less intensive, but more versatile, especially for the office, are cool, quite greys and greens like steel-grey, dark-silver, jade, emerald or myrtle-green. They are the best all-rounders for a warm blond type!

Warm Grey

Goldblonde - Look 10
Dress by Alexander McQueen, Bag by Saint Laurent,  Pumps by Jimmy Choo

Silver and Emerald Green

Dress by Diane von Furstenberg, Bag by Jimmy Choo, Pumps by Alexandre Birman

Not really convinced? Then have a look to our further color types!


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