Frosty Elegance: 6 Amazing Fashion Looks for the Light Blonde Color Type!

The light blonde color type is literally light-flooded: Her fair complexion stays in perfect harmony with the soft glow of her crystal blue, grey or green eyes and her natural ash blond hair.

If you belong to this type, you will have a diaphanous general appearance. If you take good care of your skin, your complexion could appear sometimes so gentle and rosy, that it may remind of the fragility of the finest flower petals.


What Makes Your Type Special

As the coolest of all cool color types, your coolness finds its source rather in the harmonious combination of the crystal-clear tones of your complexion, hair and eyes, than in the sharp contrast, typical for the snow white and the cool redhead color types.


The Color Universes That Should Inspire You

Fashion and beauty have an amazing creative element: You can easily discover the color shades that suit your type best, if you get inspired by nature. The cool blonde will find her inspiration in the color world offered by vast Northern or Scandinavian landscapes. The lakes, the ice-cold seas and dense forests will offer you exactly the nuances you should embrace for choosing your basic pieces in fashion and beauty.

beach night blue winter
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You can combine the exquisite blues, greens and greys you find in winter landscapes with diverse warm shades for creating harmonious, cheery, or dramatic looks, or you can take warmer shades like pink and nude to softly accentuate your creamy complexion.


6 Amazing Fashion Looks for the Light Blonde Color Type

Fashion Look # 1: A Soft Aura with Powder, Pink and Rosé

You can add a tender touch of warmth to your natural cool light, if you choose fashion pieces in powdery tones. Light peachy colors, nude shades as well as creamy pinks will look marvelously refined on your type. Combine them with their monochromatic peers for a gentle look or with black for a more seductive effect.

Pink and Rosé


Dress by Miu Miu, Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Pumps by Prada


Pinky Nude


Dress by Stella MacCartney, Bag by Saint Laurent, Pumps by Rochas


Powder and Black


Dress by No. 21, Clutch by Oscar de la Renta, Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Fashion Look # 2: Ravishing Femininity with Intensive Pinks

Intensive red-pink tones, especially the ones between magenta and raspberry red are however more suitable for you, if you prefer a more joyful or energetic look.


Luminous Pink


Dress by Dolce & Gabbana, Clutch by Gucci, Pumps by Aquazzura


Raspberry Red

Helle Brünette Look 5

Dress by Valentino, Bag by Gucci, Pumps by Jimmy Choo


Fashion Look # 3: Classical Elegance with Rich Blue and Deep Green

If you have a personality that love deeper tones, then you will find your shades in the darker sides of the cool color palette. Full forest greens and rich royal blues will flatter your cool blonde type at once: They make an impressive contrast with your skin and light blond hair tones.

Royal Blue


Dress by Marni, Bag by Gucci, Ballerinas by Repetto

Navy Blue


Blouse by Saint Laurent, Skirt by Self-Portrait, Bag by Fendi, Pumps by Gianvito Rossi


Deep Forrest Green


Dress by Saint Laurent, Bag by Stella McCartney, Pumps by Alexander McQueen


Emerald Green

Rotblonde_Look 3Dress by Kalita, Bag by A.P.C., Sandals by Bottega Veneta



Fashion Look # 4: Pretty Impressive with Deep Red and Black

Passionate characters among the cool blondes out there will find their favorite shades in the warm side of the color palette. If this is your case, you will find nothing more sensual than the intensive power of a deep velvet red. In summer or winter nights, such a red will make you look amazing… if you did not fall first for the captivating force of onyx black? Actually, neither of them should be ever missed in your wardrobe!

Velvety Blood Red


Dress by Giambattista Valli, Clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo, Sandals by Aquazzura


Rich Crimson Red

Helle Brünette Look 7Dress by Jonathan Simkhai, Bag by Saint Laurent, Pumps by Jimmy Choo

Black and Peach


Dress by Polo Ralph Laurent, Bag by Jacquemus, Pumps by Francesco Russo


Black and Colorful Prints


Dress by Diane von Furstenberg, Clutch by Dolce & Gabbana, Pumps by Gianvito Rossi


Fashion Look # 5: Energetic with Luminous Blue and Green Shades

The coolest of all blondes, the frosty blonde, can wear at any time and with no restrictions all kind of blues and greens in their brighter versions. Especially in summer, shades like hyanith, cornflower or blue bell as well as grass and emerald green will give the cool blonde a quite refreshing fashion look. Match them with black for a sophisticated look or with light beige or white for a fresher touch.

Cornflower Blue


Dress by David Koma, Clutch by Jimmy Choo, Pumps by Aquazzura


Rich Sky Blue


Blouse by Etro, Clutch by Balenciaga, Pumps by Aquazzura

Light Blue


Dress by Dodo Bar Or, Bag by Chloé, Pumps by Prada


Bright Green



Top by RedValentino, Bag by Chloé, Pumps by Jimmy Choo


Fashion Look #6: A Refined Touch with Ice Blue and Silver

And last, but not least, the utterly classics for all light or ash blonde beauties: Light cool greys and blues! They are perfectly suitable for a flawless office look, or for a casual day: Easy and relaxed at any time!

Cool Grey


Dress by Self-Portrait, Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Pumps by Francesco Russo


Light Blue and Silver


Dress by Camilla, Bag by Valentino, Sandals by Valentino


Not really your type? Then have a look to our further color types to find something for you!



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