Latin Charm: The 7 Most Flattering Fashion Looks for the Olive Skin Type

Deep brown or amber-green eyes, rich dark hair and a stunningly luminous, light brown complexion: The olive skin type is the perfect embodiment of the warm Mediterranean or latin look.

The olive skin lady is easily recognizable in Summer: She just blossoms under the sun! If you belong to this type, your easily suntanned skin highlights the brightness of your dark eyes in the most flattering way. You just should know that certain color shades should never miss in your wardrobe, to enhance the best sides of your type.

What Makes Your Type Special

If you stick to your own type by accentuating your natural brown shades with harmonizing tones, your look will just remind of the captivating beauty of tropical flowers: An innate alluring quality that can be highly elegant and at the same time charmingly natural.


The Color Universes That Should Inspire You

Many years ago, the Brazilian author Jorge Amado wrote a novel that became cult: “Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon”. It tells the story of a passionate, cinnamon-colored woman, whose skin emanated the scent of cloves. The idea of this story is a beautiful source of inspiration for the brown beauty types. The spicy colors of cinnamon, cloves, red pepper, saffron and caraway should stimulate your creativity for choosing your colors in fashion and beauty.

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Basically, the colors that will match your type best will stay in the warm side of the color palette. Your reds and yellows can be various, and you can play with different tones to find your exact match: The spicier, the better. The cool color range will offer you greens and blues that should remain fresh, while cream and beige will always be your best basic shades.


The 7 Most Flattering Fashion-Looks for the Olive Skin Type


Fashion Look # 1: Cheerful with Bright Red Shades

Whatever shades are “in” at any season, the olive skinned type will always have their most beloved color in fashion: Red! As a warm color type, you can wear almost any red you like, preferring bright reds for a more energetic effect and darker, deeper red shades for rather serene looks. Especially in the summer, you can opt for bright red tones, since they will match perfectly to your radiant suntanned skin: The most exciting shades of scarlet, Venice or tomato reds should be never missed in your wardrobe! Combine them with black or white and you will get the most astonishing effects from these intensive red shades.

Scarlet Red


Dress by Altuzarra, Bag by Jimmy Choo, Pumps by Tod’s


Venice Red


Dress by DelPozo, Bag by Miu Miu, Pantelettes by Miu Miu


Bright Red and Black


Dress by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Bag by Gucci, Sandals by Aquazzura



Tomato Red and White


Dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez, Bag by Anya Hindmarch, Sandals by Gucci


Fashion Look # 2: Seductive with Deep Red Shades

Deeper red hues like raspberry, crimson or poppy red will be ideal for a more sensual look and will match more classic styles, as well. Either in Summer or in Winter, they will always give a refreshing elegant touch to the olive skin type.

Dark Raspberry Red

Olive-Skin-Type-Look-2.pngDress by Isabel Marant, Bag by Valentino, Pumps by Valentino


Crimson Red


Dress by Jonathan Simkhai, Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Pumps by Isabel Marant


Poppy Red


Dress by Saint Laurent, Bag by Saint Laurent, Pumps by Jimmy Choo


Fashion Look # 3: Refined with Rich Bordeaux- and Burgund Shades

In the winter, the olive or brown skin type looks just amazing with the startling shades of rich wine reds: Burgundy, Bordeaux and dark plum tones will enhance your look with characterful depth, if you avoid taking the shades that come too close to purple.


Bordeaux Red


Dress by Self-Portrait, Bag by Saint Laurent, Sandales by Jimmy Choo


Burgund Red


Dress by Roland Mouret, Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Pumps by Victoria Beckham


Fashion Look # 4: Exotic Accents with Spicy Red Browns

For the most refined moments in life, the olive skinned type will look at her best with a spicy monochromatic look: Any shade of brown will be her most flattering companion. Absolutely irresistible on this color type: The different brown-reds and orange-browns, being hot-wine-punch, cognac-brown and brick the most flattering of all.



Red Brown and Cognac


Dress by Three Graces of London, Bag by Jacquemus, Sandals by Saint Laurent



Red Brown and Orange


Blouse by Dolce & Gabbana, Bag by The Row, Pumps by Aquazzura



Nut Brown and Orange


Dress by Talitha, Bag by A.P.C., Sandals by Saint Laurent



Fashion Look # 5: Nonchalant with Fresh Green and Sky Blue 

If you have a rather reserved personality, you will probably feel more comfortable wearing cool colors. If this is your case, you can opt for deep grass greens, soft sky blues and cobalt blues for a perfectly quiet and refreshing look. Combine them with white, cream or brown-beige tones for a smoother effect!

Fresh Green


Dress by Dolce & Gabbana, Bag by See by Chloé, Sandals by Bottega Veneta



Light Sky Blue


Dress by Dodo Bar Or, Bag by Off-White, Sandals by Gianvito Rossi



Intensive Sky Blue


Dress by Victoria Beckham, Clutch by Saint Laurent, Sandals by Aquazzura



Fashion Look # 6: Natural with Neutral Tones

For a soft minimalistic look, you can choose a broad range of beige, white and cream shades to enhance the light brown nuances of your skin. Combine them with very light beige or toffee tones for a classy effect!



White and Toffee


Dress by REDValentino, Bag by Valentino, Ballerinas by Aquazzura



Pure Beige


Dress by Jacquemus, Bag by Chloé, Sandals by Aquazzura




Fashion Look # 7: Eye-catching with Vibrant Yellow and Gold Hues

And last but not least, the olive and brown skin types, who love happy accents, will look great with the sunniest yellow shades they could possibly find. These tones—as well as gold— will enhance easily the skin reflexes of this gorgeous warm color type! For a deep contrast, the vivid yellow shades can be combined with black or just with gold for a total radiant effect.


Sunny Yellow


Dress by See by Chloé, Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Sandals by Salvatore Ferragamo


Black and Yellow


Dress by Victoria Beckham, Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Pumps by Prada


Yellow Gold


Dress by Johanna Ortiz, Bag by Gucci, Sandals by Gianvito Rossi

Nothing for you here? Than have a look to our further color types!

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