The Ginger Lady: 8 Beautiful Fashion Colors for the Reddish Blonde Color Type

The ginger color type has the appearance of a fairy tale redhead. With her light red or reddish blonde hair, bright blue, green or grey eyes and a creamy, truly freckled skin, she seems to be the most hued of all color types!

If you are a ginger redhead, your natural general appearance will be so radiant, that it just reminds of the evening sun in the summer. Your look can be easily associated with the charm of a playful, nonchalant creature. With the right colors, you can create astonishing effects with your naturally luminous color type.

What Makes Your Type Special

The ginger type is the warmest type among the redheads. Unlike the cool redhead color type, the appeal of the ginger woman does not come from a sharp contrast, but rather from the friendly harmony among her intensive skin, hair and eye color shades. If you are a “warm redhead”, you should see that the sunny tones of your hair match softly with the cooler reflexes of your eyes. By carefully keeping this in mind you will always make the best out of your type.

The Color Universes that Should Inspire You

Endless, green grass landscapes and flower fields that seem to be awaken by the morning light should be always the source of inspiration for the warm redhead in fashion and beauty. Lively orange colored blossoms, the happiest among them, maybe even a hole meadow full of tulips, and everything that arises from the lovelier sides of nature, will be the always the best inspirations for the warm redhead color type.

sunset sun horizon priroda
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The 6 Stunning Fashion Looks for the Reddish Blond Color Type

Fashion Look # 1: Soft with Beige, Cream and Powder Tones

As a ginger redhead, if you want to accentuate your natural charm in a subtle way, you just have to pick the most translucent beige, sand or fine cream tones you can find. Beige shades with a slightly peachy note will be also the best matches for your type.

Sand and Beige

Rotblonde_Look 1

Dress by Chloé, Clutch by Saint Laurent, Pumps by Saint Laurent

Peachy Beige

Kleid von Kalita, Tasche von Chloé, Sandalen von Roger Vivier

Fashion Look # 2: Refined with Dull Green Shades

If you belong to the ginger redheads who love to look as fresh as a cucumber, then there will be just one ideal color for you: Green! But take it preferably in its most sober shades. Olive, army, lemon or emerald green in their fresher versions will look just perfect on you.

Black and Emerald Green

Rotblonde_Look-3-2652778780-1529398467256.pngDress by Kalita, Bag by A.P.C., Sandals by Bottega Veneta

Olive and Lemon Green


Dress by Zimmermann, Bag by Mansur Gavriel, Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Khaki Green


Blouse by Equipment, Bag by Valentino, Mules by  Saint Laurent

Fashion Look # 3: Thrilling with Bright Orange Red

If you are a ginger redhead with a soft spot for warmer, expressive colors, then you will be very well-served with all possible red-orange shades, especially the ones that match best with the color of your hair! Combine them with beige or almond shades for a gentle contrast or with flamingo tones for a more intense effect.

Almond and Orange


Dress by Rebecca Vallance, Bag by Altuzarra, Pumps by Oscar de la Renta


Rotblonde_Look-7.pngDress by Dorothee Schumacher, Bag by Tod’s, Sandals by Pierre Hardy

Fashion Look # 4: Delicate with Ice Blue and Cool Pastel Green

For the more reserved personalities among the ginger types, icy or light ocean blues as well as pastel greens turn out to be the better choices. They create a quiet, elegant aura, and are therefore perfect for a nice office look or a cool casual outfit.

Ice Blue


Dress by Athena Procopiou, Bag by Kenzo, Sandals by Valentino

Baby Blue


Dress by Rebecca Vallance, Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Pumps by Francesco Russo

Blue, Gold and Silver


Dress by Max Mara, Clutch by Dolce & Gabbana, Sandals by Dolce & Gabbana

Fashion Look # 5: Elegant with a Warm Terracotta Shade

If you are a ginger redhead who prefers to stay at the warm side of the color range, while still keeping a very subtle look, your best options will be colors like copper and terracotta in their softer shades.



Kleid von Talitha, Tasche von Kayu, Sandalen von Stella McCartney

Fashion Look # 6: Good Vibes with Rich Gray and Flamingo Red

And totally refreshing, indispensable for all the freckled warm redheads out there: Warm or silvery grey tones, ideally combined with playful flamingo reds!

Silver and Flamingo-Red

Rotblonde_Look 12

Top von Peter Pilotto, Hose von J Brand, Clutch von Proenza Schouler, Sandalen von Jimmy Choo

Eager to see more looks? You find them in our further color types!

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