The Minimalist Style: Immaculate, Subtle, Harmonious

Being the epitome of timeless elegance, the minimalist style finds beauty in clear lines, forms and monochromatic colors. Ideal for subtle personalities, it conquers our heart with the quiet charm of understatement.

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A woman with an authentic minimalist style distinguishes herself by an special attribute: Wherever she is, she lets a quiet atmosphere emerge around her. If she does attract attention to herself, it is rather due to her outstanding elegant discretion. The minimalist style sets value on small details, irradiates subtle refinement, and is extraordinarily capable to create a sense of effortless perfection. If you recognize yourself in this description, then you probably have already internalize a very individual, minimalist style. Harmony and balance will be then essential for your well-being, which will make you look for fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces that exactly fulfill this purpose.

1. The Minimalist Fashion Look

Clear-cut fashion pieces in simple forms and monochromatic color combinations are the A to Z for an impeccable minimalist style. In fact, even your most edgy fashion silhouettes will never appear overloaded. Your devise is, plain and simple: An unmistakable geometry. Women who display a minimalist style have a very good eye for proportions, and let the mathematically perfect lines of their contours play the main role. In fashion, their choice will fall on plain colors like nude, cream or black, and on prints in sober hues. First and foremost, they will never forgo these three key fashion pieces: The white dress, the black dress and he monochromatic shirt; all of them flawlessly cut.

The White Dress

A dress in pure white, cream or beige, owns a minimalist character, when it displays a clearly geometric design. Our favorites are fashion pieces that gain individuality with smart asymmetric cuts, as seen in this snow white Midi dress by Tibi. We fit this look with pieces that impress with distinctive lines and forms like the Slippers Beya Bottalato by Nicholas Kirkwood and the small Bag Hortensia by Wandler.

The Black Dress

The black dress is more than only a classic for the minimalist fashion look: It is the fashion piece which allows individuality at its best. A black dress that fulfills the minimalist demands stands out due to its geometric accuracy and sober elegance: An effect, that we clearly appreciate in the determined cut of this Maxi dress by The Row. For a refined touch, we round up the style with the Ballerinas Romy by Jimmy Choo and the Bag Betty by Saint Laurent, both in pure black.

The Monochromatic Shirt

An immaculate clean-cut shirt without any kind of embellishments, preferably in white or black, ist a must-have for women with a distinctive minimalist style. This exquisite piece of fashion must be selected with great care, since it virtually exhales a personal signature. With its timeless sober lines, the white Blouse Patient Zero by Absence of Paper embodies exactly the quintessence of the minimalist spirit. We combine it preferably with the subtly printed white and black Trousers by Etro, the Pumps Piper by Gianvito Rossi and the Bag Johnny by Danse Lente for a distinctively elegant touch.

2. The Minimalist Beauty Look

The woman who embraces an authentic minimalist style is extremely fond of a natural beauty look. She will abstain from a great collection of decorative cosmetics, but will consider proper skin care a very important part of her daily routine. Skin care and beauty products that enhance the freshness of her complexion, like high-quality toning lotions and foundations, will be clearly the items of her preference.

A Fresh Complexion

There is a skin care product that can’t be never missed in the bag of the elegant minimalist woman: The toning lotion. This beauty item will be an important contributor to her immaculate appearance, specially if it has restorative and refreshing qualities. Toning lotions like Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi Action Tonic Lotion, Biotherm Biosource Lotion Tonifiante and the Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner offer exactly what she wishes, with their purifying attributes.

A Flawless Skin

After the facial toner follows the favorite cosmetic product of the minimalistic styled woman: The foundation. The most luxurious the quality, the better! Light, soft caring, long–lasting foundations that guarantee a flawless complexion are a must-have for this style. Moderately applied, top-quality foundations like Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Waterfresh, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat and Sensai Cellular Performance Foundations Cream achieve exactly this effect.

3. Soft and Aromatic: The Fitting Fragrances

The minimalist style yearns for an inconspicuous, timeless fragrance, that makes for a great finish. Green, aromatic scents like Pure White Linen Light Breeze von Estée Lauder, Issey Miyake A Scent and Aqua Allegoria Hierba Fresca von Guerlain remind of the freshness of a herbal garden, are subtly elegant, and create instantly a refined sensation of quietness.

4. Refined: Minimalist Jewelry

The woman who loves the minimalist style will never be a fan of striking refulgence. She will rather express a personal note through small, almost imperceptible details. Ideal for this purpose: Delicate, finely made rings with discreetly sophisticated designs. Our choice falls on the singular timeless rings by Repossi, Loren Stewart and Anna Sheffield, due to their subtle, magnetic distinction.

5. The Minimalist Home

The minimalist furnished home appears at the first sight simple, at the second sight especially classy. The woman who lives in this place appreciates the impeccable beauty of clear lines, that she not only displays in her looks, but also in the arrangement of her home. Her tableware fascinates with its distinctive forms and its delicate pearly brilliance. She totally forgoes squiggly details. Exactly for this reason, we choose tableware collections Anmut, Cera and Modern Grace, all of them by Villeroy & Boch, as our favorites for this style!

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