The Romantic Style: Gentle, Delicate, Exquisitely Dreamy

There is nothing that can better express the ideal of feminine grace, than an authentic romantic style. Women with a romantic disposition feel intensively inspired by beauty, and give their fantasy free rein.

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A flower, a letter, a bird, a smile, a gaze, a certain atmosphere: Little things that remain unnoticed by most people, can serve the woman with a romantic disposition as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Greatly imaginative, the romantic personality surrounds herself with beauty, and builds her world softly driven by nostalgia. If you find yourself reflected in this description, then your personal style will probably already own a natural romantic aura: A delicate facet that you can beautifully express with the right fashion, beauty and home style choices.

1. The Romantic Fashion Look

Fashion pieces that appear delicate, breezy, sinuous, almost ethereal, are just indispensable for the romantic style. Prints and adornments are welcomed as well, as long as they own a slightly dreamy attribute. True romantic fashion is nostalgic, tasteful and particularly comfortable: Women with a fondness for romance contemplate the world as a place of beauty that has to be explored gracefully, but unhindered. Their most appealing fashion pieces are charming, but never too girly; seductive, but never brash. Specially these three key pieces should be never missed in their wardrobe: An airy maxi dress, a floral printed dress and a fine lace item; all of them preferably in the softest possible hues.

The Airy Maxi Dress

The fusion of lightness with a refined vintage flair is the quintessence of the romantic fashion style. This attribute is outstandingly interpreted in the Chiffon dress by Self-Portrait. With dainty drapery on the sleeves, rushing on the waist, and a long pleated skirt, this fashion piece in a powdery pink hue achieves a remarkable nostalgic flair. We consummate this beautiful romantic look with the Sandals Mimi and the Clutch Emmie, both by Jimmy Choo, for a delicate tone-in-tone effect.

The Floral Dress

Delicate flower prints embody perfectly the subtle loveliness of a graceful romantic style. If the floral touch is gentle, for instance printed on an airy fabric like linen, the dreamy effect is superb: We may feel surrounded by freshly picked roses, as seen in this exquisite Maxi dress by Zimmermann! To accomplish this look with refinement, we can always choose pieces in creamy, neutral colors, like the Sandals by Stuart Weitzman in the hue dolce and the small Bag Loulou Monogram by Saint Laurent in the hue nature.

Fine Lace

The romantic style yearns for colors with a soft vintage touch like dusky pink, powder, cream and all kinds of pastel hues. Precious applications, as well as nostalgic fine lace fabrics, are also a must-have for all hopeless romantic personalities. A great interpretation of this look can be appreciated in this Maxi dress with lace by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini: A breezy fashion piece, that we preferably combine with the delicate ivory hued Sandals by Tibi and the Bag of intrecciato leather by Bottega Veneta.

2. The Romantic Beauty Look

Romantic personalities feel the urgent need to embellish their everyday life with tender light. While in fashion they mostly prefer colors in their lighter hues, in beauty they conveniently choose their make-up in the most subtle shades, as well. Delicate rosy and peachy hues, that remind of spring flowers, will discretely -but effectively- enhance their natural dreamy charm.

Rosy Cheeks

Soft rosy blush hues are the decidedly must-haves for women with a characteristic romantic style. Moderately applied, these shades let their complexion bloom and give them a pleasant feminine touch. Our favorites for this category are Sisley Palette L’Orchidée,  Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in the hues 4 Rite and 6 RomanticaLancôme Blush Subtil in the hue 3 Rose Sable and Clinique Blush in the hue 110 Precious Posy.

Subtle Shine

A romantic style will be often associated with the freshness of spring blossoms. Therefore: Soft make-up shades, that emulate the satined luminosity of flower petals, should never miss in this look. Perfectly suitable for this effect are rosy highlighters and lipglosses: They are the beauty products that express the vernally aura of romance at its best! While our choice falls on  Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Perfector and No Highlighter by Perricone MD for delicate highlights, we take Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Liquid Colour Balm in the hue 2 Expose me Rose and Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lacquer in the hue 170 Potent Petal for a perfectly rosy labial shine!

3. Romantic Fragrances: The Joy of Roses!

There is nothing more appealing for romantic tempers than an elegant, floral fragrance: That certain something that brings a personal touch to the romantic look! For this purpose, our choice falls on fragrances that guard the comforting scent of roses in their heart like Chloé Roses de Chloé, Acqua die Parma Rosa Nobile, Especially Escada and Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne: Each of them with a very own feminine character!

4. The Refined Finish: Romantic Jewelry

The romantic style acquires a refined finish with the soft brilliance of delicate pieces of jewelry. They suit perfectly the fashion looks presented above and give the carrier the chance to demonstrate her individual taste. Our proposal: Less is more. A unique, well selected piece of jewelry tells its own tale, and is quite sufficient for a classy final touch. We specially prefer fine necklaces with gentle hearts, flowers and teardrop themes, like seen in these designs of Aliita, Sydney Evan und Jacquie Aiche: They capture best the quiet glam of an authentic romantic style!

5. The Romantic Home

Either in the city of in the country: Romantic personalities make a dreamy place out of their home. They feel for instance at their best, when they can invite to a tea or coffee as a pleasure not only for the palate, but also for the eyes: Premium porcelain tableware with delicate, nostalgic motives are for them essential. They can be in a creamy white or show colorful decorations with nature and flowers as a main theme. We searched and found the most beautiful choices for the romantic home in the tableware collections Caffè Club Floral Touch of Rose, Rose Cottage and Marie Fleur Basic by Villeroy & Boch!

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